Injaz digital has more than five years of experience in VAS Services as an outsourcing service, integrated solutions, and other added services. Our aim is to offer Value-added Services that increase our partners’ presence, achievements and profit as well. We market our content among all the available channels to have a huge propagation for it, to keep up the best revenues.

The VAS Services relies on several techniques; like text messaging, e-mail marketing, Internet access, enhanced TV, video on demand, T- commerce, interactive advertising and subscription services

Injaz can extend your content to be spread all over the mobile operators through the value-added services in the following countries:

1.    Malaysia

2.    Saudi Arabia

3.    Mauritius


1.    Malaysia:

•    Celcom

•    Digi

•    Maxis

•    Tunetalk

•    Umobile

•    Altel

•    Onexox


2.    Saudi Arabia:

•    Operator: Mobily:

Mobily is a Saudi company and the commercial name for Etihad Etisalat Co. It is a pioneer in the Telecom & Information Technology sector in Saudi Arabia which launched its business on 25th, May 2005 and became the fastest growing companies in the world and its brand has become one of the strongest brands in the world Telecom sector.


Mobily continued its leadership strategy to stay an inspiring source in redefining concepts and sustain the competition change by being one of the major pioneer companies locally, regionally, and internationally. Its leadership sustainability transformed the social responsibility concepts in the Kingdom dramatically


3.    Mauritius:

•    Operator: Mauritius Telecom

Mauritius Telecom provides a large range of voice services through my.t, its multiple IPTV services. Emerging market opportunities and tapping the full potential of innovations, the Company has been able to sustain its growth over the years. And data services using fixed-line, mobile and internet platforms and offers convergent By offering best customer experience, seizing



Injaz will give you the regular reports every 3 months with the campaigns, hits and revenues.



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•    Social Media Campaigns [Facebook Ads, Facebook posts & YouTube video Ad

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