We help you to get your YouTube videos seen by the right audience. Our YouTube team provides you with targeted strategies across YouTube and other digital platforms to help you build your channel, increase your reach, build your reputation, and a lot more like monetization, campaign management, branding and copyright management. We give your video the spark it needs.

 Clients and Partners:

1. Awakening Records

2. The Holy Qur’an

3. Fahd AlKandari

4. Maher Zain

5. Mesut Kurtis

6. Harris J.

7. Hamza Namira

8. Raef Music


Our YouTube Services:

1. YouTube Partnership:

By joining Injaz Digital, You are automatically shifted to becoming a YouTube Partner, Which means:

• Being Eligible to make money through YouTube (Monetize your channel).

• Officially owning your own content online and protecting your Digital copyrights

• Gives you Access to Premium Resources on YouTube which will help make your online presence even more effective.

• Being a YouTube Partner will give your content more exposure and online presence.


2. Monetization:

•    Monetization (Earning Revenues); allow you to turn your YouTube views into money…

•    Our Job is to manage the process for you and to make sure your videos are viewing

The more your videos are watching … The more money you earn!

So how can you make sure your money is investing in the right place?


3. Consulting and Strategy:

We build awareness for your channel and help you find your target audience.

We ensure audience growth and sustainability through the following:

• Market Research.

• Creating and managing New Content.

• How, when and where to publish your content.

• YouTube Analysis.


4. Campaign Management:

Once the campaign goals are settled, it’s our goal to launch and manage your campaigns on YouTube and other Digital Platforms, to make sure your videos reach the right audience at the right time.


5. Branding:

Any Powerful channel needs to create a Strong Image that reflects the quality of its content, ensure strong online brand presence, and to have its own Unique Identity that shows off its style...


6. Channel Optimization:

As YouTube Certified experts, we know how to manage your Platform and your content, to help increase your audience, and measure your impact.

1. Channel Setup and Design

2. Video Content Strategy

3. Using Call to Action feature

4. Using Annotations

5. Thumbnails

6. Choosing the right Video Tags

7. Managing your Playlists

8. Engaging with your Viewers

9. Social Media and using Cross Promotions

10. Provide a powerful analysis 


7. Metadata Optimization:

Metadata is the description you add to your video to help clarify what it is about. This Data will help your videos appear more through search engines.

Metadata includes:

•    Titles

•    Descriptions

•    Video Tags


8. Copyrights Management:

Managing your copyrights is one of the most important online aspects, as it protects your content from being used or stolen.

We Refuse to let anyone benefit from your hard work…

Through Content ID, we have access to Identify any stolen content, claim, track, and may even Block to protect your Content from being used without your permission.


9. Reports and Analysis:

Our Analysis and Reports are accurate and very detailed oriented, as it is one of our strongest tools.

It’s not about the numbers, it’s about how and where did your numbers come from, which help in creating efficient and effective marketing plans.


Analysis helps you Understand:

• Your Performance

• Total Watch time

• Total Earnings and where they came from?

• Audience Demographics

• Specific Analysis of each video

• Who is viewing your videos?

• Where is your audience located around the world?

• What platforms is your content mostly viewed from?

• Where your videos were sharing?


…And more insights and recommendations.